Our mission is to incite change in the lives of individuals through literacy. Our overall aim is to inspire, encourage, build up, and motivate people through various genres of creative literary expression.

Editorial Services

DeeClare offers three-tiers of editing services to choose from:

  Tier 1  Tier 2 Tier 3
Basic copy edits
(typos, spelling, grammar)
✔ ✔ ✔
Sentence structure
(complete sentences, punctuation)
✔ ✔ ✔
Consistent noun/verb tenses   ✔ ✔
Word choice recommendations   ✔ ✔
Sentence, paragraph structure, flow   ✔ ✔
Word reduction     ✔
Story, plot, theme structure, flow, logic     ✔
Two read throughs ✔ ✔ ✔
Proofread ✔ ✔ ✔
Story rewrites n/a n/a contact us
Extremely large manuscripts contact us contact us contact us
Hourly rate  tbd tbd tbd
Flat fee  upon review upon review upon review

NOTE: For custom quotes for extremely large publications, story rewrites or editorial services that reside outside of the boundaries of the those listed above, please contact us directly.  Flat fee or hourly arrangements may be considered upon review of manusript to determine best course of action contingent upon time and complexity.  Limitations apply.

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