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ISBN & Barcodes

DeeClare Published Titles Self-Published (Authorpreneur) Titles
ISBN Only: $75 ISBN Only: $125
Barcodes: $25 Barcodes: $25
ISBN  and Barcode Package: $99 ISBN and Barcode Package: $150
Set up: FREE Set up: $29 or client can set up

What is and ISBN?

An ISBN is a 13 digit number product identifier used by publishers, booksellers, libraries and internet retailers and other supply chain participants for ordering, listing, sales records and stock control purposes. The ISBN identifies the registrant as well as the specific title, edition and format being printed, packaged, made available for sale, and ultimately purchased by your readers.

How Many ISBN's Do I Need?
The ISBN identifies a specific title, edition, and format being made available for sale. You will need an ISBN for each unique version of your book. For example, if you plan to release a hardback edition, softbound edition, EPUB edition, MOBI edition, and PDF edition, then you will have 5 unique versions of your book.

How Does The ISBN Help My Book Get Discovered?
When you register your ISBN with title data, you are adding Title Data (another word for metadata) to the registry. This registry is made available globally by the International ISBN agency, as well as companies like Barnes And Noble, Chegg, Books-A-Million, Google Books, Apple iBook, and across many services that allow you to search Library systems.

Most importantly, your book will be listed in Books In Print, the quintessential book listing in commercial publishing, is used by those who buy and sell books commercially.

barcodeDo I need a Barcode with an ISBN?
If your book is being printed and will be sold through a bookstore, and is a physical object your customer will receive (hard back, soft bound, etc.) then yes. You will need a barcode encoded with your ISBN. Barcodes are not necessary for ISBNs which are being used for electronic versions, such as MOBI, EPUB, PDF, etc.

NOTE: All ISBN's and barcodes are registered through Bowker. DeeClare Titles will be registered under our publishing arm, but the title, author information, will be accredited to the author. Self-publishers (Authorpreneurs) will be registered separately under their own publishing company. 

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