Our mission is to incite change in the lives of individuals through literacy. Our overall aim is to inspire, encourage, build up, and motivate people through various genres of creative literary expression.


Now that your manuscript is edited, the next step is to prepare the internal pages for print. Typing and typesetting are two distinct but different stages of book preparation. Typing prepares the story. Typesetting prepares the story for print and is a key step to producing a polished publication.

Typesetting charges range from $3 - $10 per page contingent upon complexity. A more accurate cost estimate will be provided upon receipt and review of manuscript. Manuscript must be supplied in an MS Word document.

Manuscript typesetting services include:

  • typesettingTitle page layout
  • Copyright and information page
  • Table of contents
  • Chapter separations
  • Header and footer inclusions
  • Page and section numbering
  • Book format
  • Widows and orphans control
  • Photos, tables, line art, captions (may incur add'l charges)

For a typesetting estimate, please visit our contact page, complete the contact form, and upload your manuscript. If approved, we will return an estimate within 24-48 hours or contact you with any questions.

NOTE: Please be aware that we reserve the right to accept or reject projects on the basis of our mission and theme.




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