Our mission is to incite change in the lives of individuals through literacy. Our overall aim is to inspire, encourage, build up, and motivate people through various genres of creative literary expression.

The DeeClare Team

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Deneen G. Matthews, Editor-in-chief
As Editor-in-chief, Deneen is responsible for the quality and content of all deeClare publications and partnered ventures. She sets and maintains the standards of excellence and integrity associated with the firm and maintains customer relations with clients, contractees and vendors. Deneen also has a solid background in design and marketing and serves in a dual role as Editor-in-chief and Senior Art Director.

cmatthews cofounderClarence V. Matthews, Co-founder
As Co-founder of DeeClare Publishing, it was the production Jacob's Rite of Passage, that gave birth to this partnership. Clarence supports the vision and theme and provides many of the storylines and scripts for the ongoing Family Series and publications produced internally. These snippets of wisdom supplied by our elders provide insignt into a time when less was more and more was categorized by the things money can't buy.



Jamie Leigh, Editorial Assistant 

As the Editorial Assistant for DeeClare Publishing, Jamie assist's the Editor-in-chief with day to day operations and functions in multiple capacities. Jamie manages client communications and workflow processes, updates the social media platforms, and assists with editorial functions such as editing and proofreading for written projects. 







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