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Young Adult Entrepreneur: Alison Jones


Our Young Adult Entrepreneur is Alison Jones, Executive Coach of Uplifted Talent and Productions.

Alison Jones is a newly established business owner. Just this year, she put her hand to the work of birthing the vision for UTAP. 

Uplifted Talent and Productions is an acting studio where new and seasoned actors are trained on how to be better actors on stage and on camera! The design of the studio is to uplift and educate the actors through the arts! These courses and workshops will follow an intense curriculum ranging from how to prepare for an audition all the way to increasing your chances of staying booked on a project.

Uplifted Talent and Productions allows the student to learn and grow at the same time. We are committed to nurturing the future generation of professional actors. Quarterly productions will allow the students to showcase what they have learned in a comfortable environment by presenting to a larger and more realistic audience before launching forward in the entertainment industry.

UTAP also offers public speaking class for those who are not particularly interested in the arts!

Are you afraid of speaking in public?

Whether its a wedding, family reunion, funeral, birthday party, training at work, job presentation or simply talking to someone daily, public speaking is a common difficulty for most people to overcome. With time and preparation you will be speaking in front of crowds. The intense public speaking course allows you to learn something new about yourself, your voice, and how easily goals can be achieved once you encouraged and determined to make it happen. With a small class of like-minded students working to achieve a similar goal you will surprise yourself by tapping into the ability you've always had!



"UTAP into your Talent, UTap into your Gift"


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