Our mission is to incite change in the lives of individuals through literacy. Our overall aim is to inspire, encourage, build up, and motivate people through various genres of creative literary expression.

Fundraising: Ways to Earn

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In need of fresh ideas to raise funds for your school, youth program, ministry or non-profit? PROMOTE LITERACY and VALUES while RAISING FUNDS for your ORGANIZATION!

In keeping with our theme of the village, DeeClare Publishing has instituted a fundraising platform where organizations and youth groups can raise money to support their ongoing goals, mission and vision.

The publications we produce from within are self-funded, and we want to use our literary works to spark and re-ignite the priorities of God, family and community within our said villages, while enabling us to continue to produce materials in line with the same, and provide opportunities for others who share in our passion to fuel these priorities. 

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Fundraising Program



We've taken our Family Series and structured it to provide ample earnings for book sales through our fundraising program.

Below is a snapshot of our fundraising rates and the potential earnings scale.

For more information, please use our online contact form to request a FUNDRAISING INFO PACKET.

How It Works Start-up Kit
  • COMPLETE and SUBMIT an application**
  • REMIT payment for start-up kit
  • SET your fundraising goal
  • START taking orders and collect payment
  • PLACE your order, once the goal is reached
  • WAIT for your shipment***

Minimum order *
Organization must be verified **
Books arrive in 10-15 business days***

  • One set of books to provide as samples: School Days and Biz Kidz Country & City Adventures
  • Product sales schematic sheet
  • Printable order forms




Host an Online Book Sale 



Hosting or sponsoring an online book sale is a great fundraising alternative.

Host an online book sale and raise money for your organization or sponsor an online book sale on behalf of a charitable cause or event.

Our fuss-free fundraising model uses the website as the sales tool, and DeeClare processes your orders. Promote your book sale by word of mouth, email marketing and social media outlets. At the close of the booksale, we send you the proceeds.

It’s really that simple and... It’s our way of giving back and making a contribution to your organization.

For more information, please use our online contact form to request a HOST AN ONLINE BOOK SALE PACKET. 


How It Works Web Portal Kit includes
  • COMPLETE and SUBMIT the sign-up form
  • REMIT payment for the web portal set up
  • SET a fundraising goal and timeline (1mo, 6wks)
  • MAKE book selections for the book sale
  • PROMOTE your book sale and
  • DIRECT traffic to your web portal
  • We FULFILL your orders
  • At the close of the book sale, we PAYOUT your portion

  • Customized web page
  • Personal domain name
  • Digital screenshot for promotions
  • A set of all 5 JROP titles
  • Weekly goal/tracking reporting




Host a Book Signing Workshop

We will come to you! Invite one of the co-authors to host a book signing workshop at your venue and we will donate 25% of the proceeds from sales back to your organization or charity of your choice.

Great for venues of 50 or more. Of course the larger the audience, the greater the earning potential. We will come out and meet with parents and engage in topics and discussions around reclaiming our "village." Topics may include:

  • God, Family and Community
  • Back to Basics 
  • When Less was More 
  • We Become Who We Identify With 
  • Strong Family 
  • and more

We will also have a reading and Q&A session for the young people. Parents and guardians are asked to participate to encourage continued discussion beyond the facilitated session.

We will sell autographed copies of the books for all who desire to purchase, with the 25% presented to the coordinating host.

If you are within a 50 mile radius of Jersey City, NJ or Indianapolis, IN, please CONTACT US to set up an engagement. 


Become a Reseller

Purchase our Family Series titles in bulk and receive discounts. Bulk orders begin with a minimum of 50 books. Resell at retail price of $8.95 and turn a profit. Great for local bookstores, retail and service establishments. Contact us for more information. 

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