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About I Am A Biz Kid

I AM A BIZ KID® is a concept designed to utilize entrepreneurial characteristics to develop a mindset geared toward greatness and establish a foundation of excellence. Our product line, character-building lessons and exercises, paired with foundational fundamentals, cultivate an environment where young people are encouraged and motivated to think creatively.

I AM A BIZ KID® contributes to training up the “whole child” and arms parents with tools and resources to help guide their journey and ensure their success. EVERY CHILD is a “Biz Kid” whether or not their dreams or ambitions are entrepreneurial in nature. The goal is that every child identifies with the message behind the hashtag — #gifted4greatness!

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Meet the Biz Kidz


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The Manor children, known as Biz Kidz®, exemplify creative thinking and the potential for greatness amidst adverse circumstances. Growing up in a historical era with a mindset to overcome obstacles of yesteryear meshed with issues of our current day, they refuse to be hindered by their situations. Watch these children exhibit teamwork to make the dream work and step “outside the box” to accomplish their goals and dreams.

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The Buzz... Reviews

“Seeds Please & Metal Bucks are a triple delight. On the surface, it is a book that talks about the Southern heritage of African Americans in this country. Told from a child’s perspective, the 
elements of the familial bonds and making the best out of their situation is a great foundation. Children as entrepreneurs is a message that we must relay on a consistent basis..."

Audra D. Carson
Detroit Entrepreneur | CEO, De-tread LLC

“Jacob’s Rite of Passage Family Series of Biz Kidz is an exciting and innovatively illustrated series that families can relate to. The adventures of Jacob, Big Brother, Elsie and Dabney deliver a deeply unique story with many valuable life lessons. It is delightfully creative and engaging with a great learning approach.”

Hope Hollinsworth-Coaxum

Author, Publisher, Playwright | Yonkers NY 

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