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Meet the Biz Kidz®

The Manor children, known as Biz Kidz, are a part of the I Am a Biz Kid brand. They serve as illustrative prototypes to inspire children to think creatively. The authors use real-life situations dated all the way back to the 1940's and 50's and mesh them with current day issues to illustrate the potential for greatness amidst adverse circumstances.

These Biz Kidz do not allow their situations to hinder their desire to pursue their gifts and dreams, but demonstrate the ability to stretch beyond stringent ideas in order to explore their options for what they want to be when they grow up. In search of ways to earn money, they dynamically discover creative and enterprising ideas.

Not cliché — but the ideal — that teamwork makes the dream work is on display as they bring their predisposed gifts and talents together to accomplish what they envision collectively, as well as individually. Watch seemingly ordinary children do the extraordinary while they learn about good character traits, stewardship, integrity, ethical behavior, and much more!

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Jacob Manor is the "Researcher." He is the youngest Manor sibling and quite inquisitive. He loves to learn, ask questions, and explore. He investigates his older siblings’ Biz Kidz ideas in order to find out the what, when, where, and how. He is also responsible for following up on Biz Kidz business leads and is very careful and neat in his research.

Jacob is also known for his variety of headgear and often pairs them with a matching bow tie. 


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Dabney Manor is the "Recording Secretary." She is never without a pen in one hand and a notebook in the other. Dabney writes down everything. She is dependable, takes good notes and keeps good records. Always at the ready, she jots down the ideas her brothers and sister present at the Biz Kidz business meetings and keeps track of what is needed to carry out their plans.

Dabney is all about her glasses. It is indeed her signature fashion statement.

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Elsie Manor is the oldest of the Manor children. She is a "Designer and Artist" who loves fashion and all forms of creative expression. She shares her passion and expresses her fresh ideas through her creativity. Elsie has a creative mind and also uses her imagination to create new ways to promote and market the Biz Kidz enterprise.

Elsie enjoys fashion, but has a love for girly add-ons and accessories and won’t be caught without her lip gloss.

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Gary Manor, Jr. (aka Brother or Big Brother) is the "CEO and Mastermind" of the Biz Kidz enterprise. He leads the Biz Kidz and is good at bringing everyone’s gifts and talents together to work as a team. Brother manages all the Biz Kidz affairs, leads the Biz Kidz business meetings and is a great problem-solver.

Big Brother is an urban trendsetter, a tinkerer, and full of witty ideas and inventions.

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