Our Family Series publications promote literacy and creativity and sparks the imaginations of young readers. The storylines engage the reader through historical snippets, creative inspiration, and sibling interaction.

These books serve as educational tools that promote the three R's. They integrate: character-building exercises, vocabulary lessons, mathematical equations, problem-solving skills, and reading comprehension quizzes.

They also double as coloring books for added enjoyment. Great for Biz Kidz of all ages!

Biz Kidz City Adventure!

BizKidz City600

Join Big Brother, Jacob, Elsie and Dabney on another adventure. These courageous siblings are moving to the city where they will embark upon new challenges in an unfamiliar place.

They will adjust to life in the city, a new school, new friends and, of course, new Biz Kidz opportunities. What will these ingenious siblings do?

Cost: $9.95


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Biz Kidz Country Adventure

BizKidz FrontCover

Join the Manor children, Big Brother, Jacob, Elsie and Dabney as they embark upon a brand new adventure.

These siblings join forces and go into business for themselves. Their goal was to earn enough money to buy a brand new bicycle!

Early on, they had a small set back and learned a very valuable lesson, but the greatest achievement was what they accomplished by working together.

Cost: $9.95


Biz Kidz PreRequisite: School Days


School Days narrates the life of young Jacob, an enthusiastic four-year old, who couldn't wait to turn six and attend school with his older brother and sisters. 

Jacob's school days began in a quaint little three-room country school house modestly furnished with the bare essentials. 

When Jacob's family moved to the city, he discovered that his new home and the big city school were much more than he could imagine!

Cost: $8.95